Market News Death and obituary for August 5th 3

Benjamin Downing

I know it’s a small thing, but I love how they toned down the presidents heavily tanned skin and brought up the saturation on Biden. I find the importance of skin shade to be quite humorous.

By comparison this election should be like the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs versus the 2008 Detroit Lions.

I would bet every single dime I have in my bank account on the Chiefs. It’s a no brainer.

Unfortunately there’s corrupt organizations out there like… See More

You are one sad and pathetic man if this is how you go about showing you should be the preferred leader.. Keep it up... People are hating you more and more... Stop killing americans and you might get your fandom back.

How about if we start by not calling the other candidate an insulting childish name? Yes, our current president is quite mature.

I don’t want to have either as POTUS, but I think it’s dangerous to have Market News Death and obituary for August 5th 3 such a huge advantage to either “side” in the Supreme Court. So, as an independent who dislikes both of these men and doesn’t trust either party, I think Biden is best for the country so that we can have better representation in the SCOTUS

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